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Kim Kibum <3 I love You.


Welcome back our leader ^^

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These things questions can't go past without asking about this person: Choi Minho.
carol-ney carol-ney Said:


YESSS. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS. I don’t how i can write something short about Minho. He changed my life so much, he’s taught be to be stronger and not give up in many things. He’s a HUGE inspiration to me and my life. I might not show that i’m a huge fan him anymore but tbh Minho will always be my number one. He softens my heart with everything he does. When ever i’m upset i just which i could go to him and hug him for a long time.I always have a hard time when i go on the Minho tag first because three types of Minho appear but second because i start getting really emotional and start crying. I really want to squeeze him one day and feel hiswarm loving hugs. That’s it i promise. lol. Just ONE huggg. 

send me an idol & ill give a short description of how i feel about them


[Stream] Jonghyun’s Twitter Update 140923 - Happy Birthday Kibum 

Credit: realjonghyun90

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i’m crying who did this omfg

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 happy birthday kibum~ 

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